Mason Lines – Braided & Twisted

Our mason lines are #18 twine made from 100% Nylon filament.  Mason lines are available in twisted or braided twine.  In comparison to twisted mason, braided mason will not unravel as easily when cut.

  • All colors are pressure dyed
  • Excellent resistance to rot, mildew, abrasion, petroleum products, and fading


Available Colors:

Natural Orange Pink Yellow

* Twine color might differ slightly from color as it appears on the photo. Please contact us to request a Twine Sample Card.

Braided Mason Line 100% Filament Nylon

Available colors: Natural/White, Orange, Pink, Yellow

ModelProductBreaking Strength
FT-BNOR-1801Braided Mason Line,Orange 1000'170 lb.
FT-BNOR-1812Braided Mason Line,Orange 500'170 lb.
FT-BNNA-1801Braided Mason Line,Natural 1000'170 lb.
FT-BNNA-1812Braided Mason Line,Natural 500'170 lb.
FT-BNPI-1801Braided Mason Line,Pink 1000'170 lb.
FT-BNPI-1812Braided Mason Line,Pink 500'170 lb.
FT-BNYE-1801Braided Mason Line,Yellow 1000'170 lb.
FT-BNYE-1812Braided Mason Line,Yellow 500'170 lb.

Twisted Mason Line 100% Filament Nylon

Available colors: Natural/White, Orange

ModelProductBreaking Strength
FT-TNOR -1812Twisted Mason Line, Orange, 550'165 lb.
FT-TNOR -1801Twisted Mason Line, Orange, 1100'165 lb.
FT-TNNA-1812Twisted Mason Line, Natural 550'165 lb.
FT-TNNA-1801Twisted Mason Line, Natural 1100'165 lb.

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