Bonded Heat Treated (HT) Nylon Twine

Brownell Bonded Heat Treated Nylon Twines are specially formulated to retain their properties. Our exclusive resin treatment provides:

  • superior weather and abrasion resistance
  • excellent knot hold capabilities.


This twine is made of 100% UV treated Nylon.


Available Colors:
Black Brown

* Twine color might differ slightly from color as it appears on the photo. Please contact us to request a Twine Sample Card.

Bonded HT Nylon Twine – Colour: Brown

ModelProductYieldBreaking StrengthDiameter (mm)
Bonded HT - Brown63429620.76
Bonded HT - Brown91981971.10
Bonded HT - Brown1218431101.17
Bonded HT - Brown1514691271.40
Bonded HT - Brown1810851761.50
Bonded HT - Brown218982121.85
Bonded HT - Brown306253222.10
Bonded HT - Brown424963862.46
Bonded HT - Brown483954412.50
Bonded HT - Brown602955293.20

All yield values are approximate and in linear feet.

Bonded HT Nylon Twine – Colour: Black

ModelProductYieldBreaking StrengthDiameter (mm)
Bonded HT - Black63429620.76
Bonded HT - Black91985971.08
Bonded HT - Black1216621111.15
Bonded HT - Black1514241281.38
Bonded HT - Black1810451761.48
Bonded HT - Black219152111.68
Bonded HT - Black306073222.10
Bonded HT - Black424383862.54
Bonded HT - Black483694412.64
Bonded HT - Black602765293.08

All yield values are approximate and in linear feet.


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