About Brownell Twines

Since 1844, fishermen in North America have selected Brownell Twines as their product of choice to build and repair fishing nets. Over 150 years later, Brownell Twines has become the premier twine supplier for different industries.

Our products range from the exclusive Spuntex® line to our specially formulated Heat Treated (HT) Bonded twines. Since the beginning, Brownell’s focus has been to produce the best twine products. We continue to build on this goal with new twine applications being created by our customers’ unique needs.

Do you have a specific twine requirement?

Please complete the form found in our custom orders page with your twine or project request. We will contact you once we receive it.

Did you know that Brownell Twines is part of the global Badinotti Group? The Badinotti Group offers aquaculture containment solutions, commercial nets, net repairs and net washing services.  For more information, please visit www.badinotti.com or contact us.

Mission Statement

To produce the best twine products by maintaining high quality assurance and using the latest materials available.

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